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Velvet Dress Short Winter Fashion 2019

Below we have 5 velvet dresses we recommend you get your hands on for this winter 2019. Most of them are perfect to wear solo or with an additional blazer or top on a night out with the girls. They all come with free shipping.

1) Black Spaghetti Strap Velvet Dress

Young woman wearing a short velvet dress with a butterfly pattern.

It's near the end of 2019 and you're not sure what to wear to your next holiday party. Well we have you covered here. This short black velvet dress is soft to the touch and features a great shine to it that subtle yet stylish.

Young woman in velvet dress short with a butterfly pattern.

Spoil yourself with this dress you deserve it or buy it as a Christmas gift for someone special in mind you think might like it. The material is also stretchy enough to keep you covered and to give you a flattering shape.

Get it below today with free shipping. Also a percentage of your purchase goes towards supporting the battered women's shelters for women and children across the US.


2) Faux Fur Spaghetti Strap Velvet Dress

Faux Fur Dress

This dress is similar to the first one except it lacks the butterfly pattern and instead comes with nice faux fur at the top lining of the dress. If you're excited about this dress, well you should be because it looks and feels as good in person.

It also goes well with pretty much any black choker you wear with it so keep that in mind.

If you want to get real fancy you can put on your diamond necklace and bracelet with gloves when wearing this dress and people will be scratching their heads when you tell them this dress was only $19.98.


3) Black Velvet Cheongsam Chinese Dress

This dress features the classic cheongsam style but lacks the floral patterns typical seen on this kind of dress making it more low key and unique.

If you like cheongsam dresses but don't want your style to look particularly Chinese or Asian then this works perfectly.


4) Off Shoulder Velvet Dress

This dress is definitely perfect for a formal ballroom type of event with fine wine and cheese.

Now the shoulder straps are designed to rest off shoulder but can be easily adjusted to be worn on shoulder.


5) Long Burgundy Velvet Dress

This dress works great for formal ballroom events as well. You're gonna look gorgeous in this one so be prepared to turn heads.

The burgundy color goes perfect with the velvet fabric.